Changing course can be scary, but there’s plenty of reasons to step off of your chosen path. Something might have worked like a charm for others, but it’s just not working for you. You might try and try, but still find that you’re not making it where you want to be. You might even have something that’s a little bit better on the horizon. There’s nothing wrong with making course corrections – in fact, here’s some times when it’s great to be changing.

1. Change Course When Time is Up

As humans, we’re in a perpetual state of personal development. We’ve got bridges to build, boundaries to cross, dreams to achieve, and a whole heck of a lot of exploration to do. The world is at your command – the journey always goes a little better with a path in mind, though. Part of that path creation (whether you’ve got a life plan or a today plan) involves putting a time stamp on the endeavor. When you do that, you’re saying ‘if I’ve not made any measurable progress toward this cool and awesome thing, it’s time to re-evaluate.’ Setting a time gives you an excuse to change where you’re going – you’re giving yourself permission.

2. Change Course when No Longer Beneficial

There comes a point where you realize that there’s just so much that you can do and that the strategies that you’re taking just aren’t working. You might have exhausted all of the topics of discussion (in your eyes – there’s always minutia to talk about). As humans, we’re constantly looking out for the bigger, better deal – sometimes, you’ve got to adjust slightly to find that path. Sometimes, you’ve got to go back to the drawing board because you’re not getting the benefits anymore. You’ve got the choice in your hands about how much changing you’re really wanting to do with your personal course.

3. Change Course When You Have Something More Effective

As humans, we’re major problem solvers. We’re always trying to kill the zombies and break the cycles and conquer the world. We’re trying to figure out how best to go from point A to point B using the least amount of work. In the personal development and business game, you’ve got a TON of tools at your disposal, and some of them work really well for your business needs. It might beocme awfully tempting, though, to give up immediately on the first path – instead, give it a month or so before you head off into the new direction. That way, you’re giving the first option to get stuff done the chance to work.

Now, we’re always aspiring to be more awesome. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to change course, give that course a little bit of time to work. Give it just as much time and respect as the previous method. You’re not a squirrel jumping from tree to tree, but you’re not a turtle either. Your course corrections have the chance to open doors wide.

When do you change your course? Are there certain bellwethers that signal that the end of a path is near?

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