Social marketing sites effectively communicate your business message to the people. You have heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but have you heard of, Yelp, and Newsvine? Here are five social marketing sites which may have been overlooked in your marketing efforts.

Users bookmark and tag articles and sites for rating and reviewing. As a marketer, you submit your own content, leaving it up to the users to decide its importance. Tech related and socially conscious articles reside here.


Yelp is a pure review site, mostly catering to local area restaurants. It is the first stop for foodies around the country to discover insights on new restaurants, communicate with their local restaurant patrons, and advertise their own favorite places.


Reddit is a peer reviewed social marketing site. Articles are submitted to be read, then the community votes them up or down within the social networking setting. The content is fresh, because it is subjected to a view of its peers.


Photographers, videographers, and artists submit their work to DeviantArt to be reviewed by their peers. The DeviantArt community is open and welcome to all newcomers who provide excellent material. With this site, a marketer can make connections with inexpensive graphic designers, bookmark their own material, and more.


A combination of peer review and traditional news stories populate the pages of Newsvine. This social marketing site provides a constant feed articles, ideas, and innovations to its community. Newsvine promotes newsworthy content within all categories.

Social bookmarking remains one of the primary ways that social marketers can disseminate their content to the masses. By submitting their work to social marketing sites, they can engage the community, generate business leads, and traffic. Consider adding these five overlooked social marketing sites to your campaign.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Paglia, used under the Creative Commons license.

What are your favorite social marketing sites? Is there one which is especially driving to your awesomeness that we’ve never heard of?