As far as aweseomeness is concerned, I’ve found it best to have only three projects going on at any given time. That way, I can take care of other stuff while I’m waiting for the first one to come to fruition. My brain becomes captive to every whim and light motivation when I’ve got more than three goals. When I’ve got only one, I get really super bored at it and burn myself out really quickly. How many goals do you have working right now?

I’ve got three – reduce smoking, make more money, punch things more often.


I really enjoy smoking. It’s one of those things that tastes good, it feels good while I’m doing it, and it gives me a ‘key card’ to hang out with more awesome folks. Lots of awesome people smoke, and it’s easy to fall into the crowd by picking up a cigarette. One of the primary reasons that I want to stop puffing is that cigarettes are $5 (or more) a pack here and I’ve got higher priorities on where my money is going. The other reason I’m replacing smoking with something else is that … well, while sounding like Janis Joplin is sometimes really sexy, feeling like someone sandpapered my throat is not. The reasons that you have for establishing new habits will more than likely be different, but it doesn’t matter as long as you pursue them.

Make more money

Yeah, I know. There’s a ton of folks who want to do this. I’m itching to make at least a thousand dollars a month. If I’m able to do that, it covers my expenses and gives me a little bit of wiggle room to do more things that I want. It’ll also make me feel a bit more useful as a person, and as such, more awesome. You see, awesome people aren’t necessarily rolling in money, they’re doing new things and trying new things out. They’re folks who romp in the clover, they’re the storytellers. It’s not a cash flow thing that makes the awesome, it’s the attitude.

Punch things more often

Treadmills absolutely suck. I get on the treadmill and I think of death marches. I think of useless walking and useless activity. I’m the queen of conservation of energy, and I’ll come right out and admit it. So, something that will make my life more awesome is the addition of more punching bags – or, simply, me punching the bag that I have. I’m hoping that with the addition of more cash in my life that I’ll be able to go to places that have more punching bags, or I’ll be able to learn how to box. Maybe you’ve got something that falls under ‘exercise’ that will make your life a lot more awesome?

I’ve got some deadlines on all three of these. The smoking thing, I’m reducing my smoking over this month. The making more money thing, I’m putting more money making stuff into the queue so that cash will be generated. As far as punching things, I’m figuring that if I spend at least five minutes a day whacking at the punching bag that I’ll be able to get out some of the aggressions that I’ve got, and maybe get some sweat going.

What are some of your things? What would lead you to the sprezzatura moment? Do you want to impress that high school sweetheart? Do you want to be the consummate cook? How about a suave and debonair type? Pursue the awesome, and it can be yours.