The Awesomeness Scale

On March 10, 2011, in Articles of Awesomeness, by Emily

I love threes. I love it when stuff I want comes in threes. I love it when there’s three subjects, or three rules (well, not so much on the rules part), or three signficators, or three things. I enjoy having an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. The third choice is usually something that’s really spiffy, something that rests between the two extremes of A and B. It can also be completely irrelevant. The third choice is the wildcard, and I love that part because it throws in a little statistical monkey wrench and incites ideas of non-conformity and grandeur.

As such, I separate folks into three categories on the awesomeness scale.

Absolutely Awesome

This is the rare percentage of folks who ‘get’ the whole concept of living their life the way that they envisioned it. They’ve succeeded, and are full of positive energy, light, and encouragement for the PAs and the NAs. These are the folks who run around on TED and talk about the life that we could have. These are the folks who are the innovators, and the ones who share and spread their passion, despite the labels and the aggravation that they may receive in the process. They might be entrepreneurs, they might be teachers, they might be firefighters, but they’re doing the stuff that they love and that’s awesome.

Potentially Awesome

Potentially awesome folks are just looking for that little push into the world of awesomeness. They’re seeing little glints of the way that things could be, and they’re really seriously digging it. Something’s holding them back, and that something’s the commitment to truly and seriously make their personal lives awesome. To fall into the already awesome category, they just need to get in a little doing, and really dig down to get to the goals that they have. Once those goals and passions are identified, then they can explode with awesome goodness. There’s lots of hope for these guys as they rise up the scale.

Not Awesome

You know, have you ever met someone who really wants to spew their crap at your party? Have you met those folks who will talk about pursuing a better life, but they’re not really doing anything about it? Have you met those folks who are completely and totally paralyzed by fear at the pursuit of a better life, and are not willing to listen to ways to get themselves a better attitude and a better outlook? These are the folks who are going to complain about not having this, and not having that, about the entitlements that they deserve, and how whatever happens to them is not their responsibility. Truly NA people are rare, but they’re around.

So, which category are you? If you’re one of those potentially awesome folks, what are you doing today that will further you along the scale toward being absolutely awesome? If you’re not awesome, then what would push you toward your potential? If you’re absolutely awesome, what are you doing to spread your ideas and let others know that you’re a resource? Making the world a better place through our awesomeness is an imperative.