So, I ditched a ton of my writing in favor of thin air. I couldn’t stand reading it, so I got rid of it. And seriously, I encourage all of you folks out there who are writing for someone else to get your crap together and start writing for yourself. Yeah, there’s a certain style that you’ve probably got to adhere to, but in reality… if you’ve got the passion about something, then you should capture it by the balls and run with it.

This conversation started with my mentor sending me this article. Basically, it says that Google found a way to penalize the folks who write crappy, derivative articles and reward the folks who are writing the good stuff. I’m all for that, because I am one of those folks who doesn’t believe in spinning a trite article to get another trite article which may or may not make sense. Damn. I’ve read my share of crappy articles, and I want some fire in someone’s heart.

This news gives me a little kick in the ass to write more, because I know that my stuff’s not a content farm. I know that I write a LOT better than some of the craptacular writers that you’ll find on Bukisa or Factoidz. I was trying to imitate them, too… with those five point articles and the other stuff. You know what? The only way that I’m writing a five point article is if I’m ghost writing it. As long as someone else’s name goes on it, I’m down with it. This isn’t saying I can’t do it anymore.. just sayin that it turns my stomach and insults everyone’s intelligence.

You know what? SEO marketing is still crap. There’s this boatload of people who are itching to rise in the Google rankings, but they don’t realize that if you give them something worth reading… then they rise. So, what do you do? Write Epic Shit. I give you a link to this, instead of saying it in my own words… because the post that says it is pretty damned epic already. There are people who are all about peppering their stuff with SEO, trying to win the game.. but it seriously comes down to making the good stuff that people will like.

And the good stuff comes in a LOT of forms.

The articles that I like to read are ones that show a little bit of passion and a little bit of vulnerability. I like those articles where I can see what makes the author unique, and they’re giving me stuff that I hadn’t thought about before. They might be giving me stuff that’s entertaining, too. Here is a post by The Unlikely Mage which has both of those all in one post. I know that I couldn’t have written that post, because only the Mage can write in that voice. (I wrote a post about that here).

I also like really useful list articles that have a bit more than the standard junk. They offer solutions that are off the beaten path, stuff that I haven’t thought of before. The standard junk includes the tripe that I talked about erasing… no, this is really neat stuff, or really neat concepts that are spiffy. I check in to 1000 Awesome Things from time to time, just to see. Usually, those posts are longer than the average, because they’ve got to have the space in which to pack so much goodness. Zen Habits has a some of those, as well as Problogger and a lot of others.

So, there’s entertaining. Fluent Self is really good with the entertaining and informative. She teaches you how to make some destuckification as well as other stuff. Havi Brooks speaks in her own language that’s ultimately pretty damned compelling. There’s informative, too. John Michael Greer usually makes posts that are well thought out and compelling. I read those from time to time when I want to feel all intellectual.

Google has one of the largest shadow employment forces on the planet. There are a gazillion folks who are paying Google a little cash to advertise their ads, and a gazillion folks who are showing off those ads to get the other folks in. If they’re saying, ‘hey, lay off a little on that derivative content’… maybe they’ve got a point. So, maybe you should break away to your own awesomeness… instead of writing the tripe that you know everyone will tolerate, work yourself out of the zone and start writing what you really think. Or hire someone like me. Either way, self censorship sucks.