I don’t read very many books. I write quite a lot. One of the greatest resources that you have available in your quest to become awesome is the vast stores of information available on the internet. Every once in a while, a book comes along which must be read because it preaches to the choir or puts your personal views into perspective. Avish Parashar’s Say, ‘Yes, and’ does exactly that in an easy to read no-fluff format.

I’ve been following Parashar’s blog for a while because he brings his own insightful and funny style to becoming awesome and overcoming any unforseen barriers. His mantra is ‘ding happens,’ and through his blog he takes you through tips, tricks, and insights on what you can DO when that ‘ding’ happens. If you’ve not gotten a chance to read his work or read his other books, they’re well worth the investment. Heck, you might even laugh out loud.

I was looking forward to reading, Say, ‘yes, and,’ from the moment that I found out that it was available. There was no question in my mind as to its quality, Avish normally hits it out of the park. My expectations were warranted. This book takes a simple concept, explains it, and makes it a moral imperative to seize the opportunities that you’re given with a hearty, ‘yes, and.’

Instead of saying ‘yes, but,’ try saying ‘yes, and’ as your response. Changing that one simple word into another simple word makes all the difference in your communication, your organization, and your life. ‘Yes, and’ is where opportunities happen, and Parashar fully conveys this through witty prose and stories. His years as a motivational speaker and an improv comedian really shine through while he makes a serious point which will change your life.

The book was an incredibly fast read, taking me almost two hours to finish his 100 pages. For those super-fast readers, it shouldn’t take very long at all. Applying these principles will take a lifetime, though it’s a journey that I’m definitely looking forward to. Form the habit, and more doors will open to you than you might know what to do with. I’m very happy that I read his book.

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