Competitive Meditation

On October 17, 2013, in Meditation, by Emily

Now in this corner, there’s Sammy the Seer.  He’s been meditating for nearly ten years, and he’s got some really great technique.  Watch him as he curls his legs and gets into position. 

Wow, that’s a perfect position for meditating, Bill.  Sammy’s got some game.  Do you think that he can knock out the champion tonight?

I don’t know, Craig.  There’s a lot riding on this competition tonight, and Guru Mystic’s been preparing for this contest for a while.  You can almost see the thoughts going through his head as he settles. 

(The crowd hushes… a long bell can be heard as the contestants start meditating)

If there were a competitive reality show where people meditated, I wouldn’t watch it unless I needed a soporific.  What does it look like?  A bunch of people sitting around.  The only thing that they could really judge on would be the amount of movement that happened while they were meditating.

I know that when I meditate, I don’t feel as angry with the world.  After meditation, I feel very clear headed and want to help everyone around me achieve their goals and their visions.   Occasionally, I even want to go out to the streets and actively assist strangers.

While meditation is an individual effort, everyone wins when you meditate.  You’re calmer, able to offer better advice to people, and less prone to anger and violent acts.  So, your meditation makes for a better world all the way around.  It is indeed a great gift, but not something that you can hold a competition for.

What happens when you start meditating?

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