The decision to become a freelance writer is a tough one. In the beginning, the hours are insanely long, you’re more than likely not making the money that you got used to, and your hands may hurt from all the hours that you’re putting into the keyboard or pen. It is still a good career move for some. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the other questions and the last one, then freelance writing might be a good career move for you.

Are you working the wrong shift?

Freelance writers may be working all the time, but they get to set their own hours. If you are more comfortable working at 11pm or 3am than 8am-5pm, that’s perfectly acceptable for a freelance writer. In fact, nearly any schedule is fine for a writer.

Do you drive too much in a day?

Commute times seem to get longer and longer as the workforce goes out to find viable jobs. There comes a time when the expenditure of gas and time is too much and something needs to be rectified. When you’re commuting three hours a day and at the workplace for nine hours a day, you’re effectively working for 12 hours a day. Freelance writers have no commute time, but they are working all the time.

Do you have enough savings?

Calculate your expenses and figure out what you can live on. Compare it with your savings and aim for having six months of expenses being paid. It takes time for even the best freelance writers to start turning the profit that they want. You want to have enough savings to make sure that you’re not in the dark while trying to write.

Do you dislike your company?

Does the company you work for now do things that you don’t enjoy? Do they give you the proper recognition? Does seeing your boss make you cringe? Freelance writing might be a good career move. You are your own boss, and you’re the one who provides the encouragement and the kudos that you need to make it work.

The following is the most important:

Do you have a passion for writing?

If you don’t like the job, you’re not going to want to put in the hours and be temporarily poor. Writing should have been what you’d be doing anyway, you’re just making a career out of it. It doesn’t matter the genre, there is a market for good writers in every field.

If you have a passion for writing and are dissatisfied with your current job, then freelance writing might be the job for you. Make sure you have your safety net and go for it!

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