Why call it Eleven Minute Awesome?

The short answer:
Devote eleven minutes a day to becoming awesome. See what happens.

The longer answer:
There’s a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that XIMA is a cool name.

Achieving your goals is best done by persistent self effort. That will make you awesome. Here’s the way to do it.

Pick something which will make you awesome
Believe in it
Devote time to it each day
Get closer to your goal
Achieve the goal of becoming awesome
Pick another goal.

Yeah, I get that, but why eleven minutes and not half an hour or fifteen minutes?

The short answer:
Eleven is a prime number. Prime numbers rock.

The longer answer:
According to several studies, the average adult attention span is between 10 and 15 minutes. The Pomodoro method states that you should break your day up into half hour chunks, but it ignores the attention span. With the Eleven Minute Awesome method, you do more things, and you’re likely to keep yourself motivated, because half an hour doesn’t seem so damned daunting.

Why chain mail keychains?

The short answer:
Chain mail is cool and shiny.

The long answer:
The chain mail keychains started from purchasing a chain mail hackey sack and saying ‘I can do that!’ I decided to get a bunch of jump rings and really do something with them. I knew that I didn’t have the attention span to really do huge pieces, but I knew that I had the attention span to do keychains.

I use my keychain as a reminder to break the chains and the cycles. When I look at my little guy (his name is Adam), I am reminded on several levels that I need to break my own personal chains. They’re functional and they’re fun – so even if you don’t want to be reminded that you’re breaking cycles with it, you can still hold your keys on the loop.

The other thing about keychains is that they represent what I’ve done with the jump rings that life has given me. I’ve gotten all different sizes, and some of them don’t look good together, but they’re all made from the same fabric. I talk about that in more detail here and here. The little people keychains take me eleven minutes to make, too. I have to admit that I thought that was pretty darned spiffy.

I’ve got two styles – the chain mail people (the great chainmail being) and the boxydragon tails. I can make them many different colors like black, silver, red, green, and gold, too. Sometimes, I run out of the color, but I try my best to give everyone the colors that they need.

I’m selling these cool key protecting keychains for $6. All you’ve got to do is click on the Paypal link, and send me the money with an address, the colors that you’d like, and the style that you’d like. I will get a keychain out to you within a couple days of payment.

What is awesome?

The short answer:
Awesome is what you want it to be.

The longer answer:
I talked about the awesomeness scale in this post. Essentially, there are three types of people out there – the awesome, the potentially awesome, and the not awesome. The awesome people are the ones who are doing what they want, exercising their creative talents, and pursuing their own passions. Awesome comes in many forms – they might be your favorite teachers, they might be your favorite musicians, they might be you. These folks pursue the goals that they’ve got and disregard the barriers that might be in their way. These folks are also genuinely happy with the choices that they’ve made, having fewer regrets than the rest of the population.

I believe that pursuing your goals and exercising your creativity is awesome. Every single person on the planet has awesome within them, but many never *achieve* that awesome because there are chains and cycles that bind them. Most of the time, these chains are psychological – lacking belief in themselves, in the wrong field, trying to be crushed by mediocrity. YOU have the power to be a cycle breaking superhero and discover YOUR strengths. That is absolutely awesome.