There’s a lot of folks out there who believe that awesomeness is a completely individual effort. They might believe that you have to do everything, from gathering the supplies to cleaning up afterward to prepare the awesome stew. If you’re one of these folks, you’re doing it the hard way. When you find other folks who love chopping onions, it makes things infinitely easier.

I’m working on a web site right now. I’ve got the idea, I’ve got a little cash, but I don’t have the web type knowledge to pull it into reality. Seriously, it was never one of those things that I studied, and it would take me a while to get this thing really cookin. I’ve got a friend who’s low on the cash, but has more web design knowledge in his pinky toenail than I have in my entire body. I outsourced to him so we could get this cool project done a little faster.

While it would be totally awesome to create this particular idea on my own, I don’t feel any lack of awesomeness by giving the programming work to a friend. He’s needing the cash, he’s got the design knowledge, but he doesn’t have the idea. When it comes right down to it, we’re all ingredients in the awesome stew. Those ingredients need someone to orchestrate, and you’re gonna be the one.

It’s not good enough to rail against the system anymore. It’s not good enough to rant and offer no solutions to the problems. To grasp the awesomeness, and to cook the awesome stew, you need to have the solutions. Not only do you need to have solutions, but you need to be willing to implement them. And honestly, if it takes some help getting the pieces together, so be it.

So, when you’re thinking — ‘what can I do today to make myself MORE awesome?’ … don’t discount the fact that there are a ton of other folkses out there who can help you speed up the process.