Meditation and Blogging

On October 22, 2013, in Meditation, by Emily

In my ‘real job,’ I do a lot of reading about social media, marketing, and blogging.  If asked, I could probably come up with a top 50 list of tactics which you can use to increase your blog’s traffic, popularity, or what have you.  One of the articles that I recently read was about consistency in blogging.  Basically, it says that while you don’t have to post every single day, you should keep to a regular schedule.

One of the marks of a creative person is that they are consistently combining information from a number of sources.  I’m the one who will constantly try to use information from one arena in another – so I can get the most mileage out of it.  I began thinking about the effects of consistency in other areas of my life – namely, the meditation practice.

Why meditate consistently?

Superpowers manifest faster – It’s true.  If you’re waiting for your monk superpower kit to come in the mail after just a single session, you’re going to be pining over the postman for a little while.  If you’re able to meditate on a very regular basis, your powers will manifest faster than if you repeatedly stopped and started.

I have to admit that I’m bad.  I meditate on a somewhat regular basis, but it’s nowhere near like clockwork like it should be.  I’ll sometimes go for a few days without it, meditating on all surfaces and times.  What I’ve found is that it’s somewhat like skipping around in a book — the characters are there, but the situation changes often enough to be concerning.

Should I meditate at the same time every day?

Actually, if you can meditate at the same time every day, you’re helping yourself get to those really awesome superpowers.  Your body loves patterns and habits.  Every time that you do something, it’s easier to do the same thing the next day.  Some call it ‘greasing the groove’ or ‘laying the groundwork’ but I just think that it’s easier.

By meditating at the same time every day, you’re setting your body to expect that the meditation is coming.  When you do that, certain neurochemicals are released in preparation.  Your body is reluctantly admitting that it likes the brain and that it can possibly get along.  Maybe they’re related or something?  Anyway, by meditating at the same time every day, you’re making it easier.

And, really, I’ve seen this happen.  I used to be in a program where we’d do some specifically meditative breathing stuff – as time went on, I started to feel like the levels of meditative juice had been elevated.  There’s a peace and a calm which comes about – one that really ultimately rocks.

Should I meditate every day?

It really does help.  I’m sure that Harry’s got more direct sourcing over why meditating every day really works.  Personally, I find that when I’ve skipped a few days I feel a little bit off.  The longer that I’m out of the game, the more sluggish that I feel.  Feeling sluggish isn’t really… well, helpful to anyone, and there you go.

(Harry: Yes, meditate every day if you want to see consistent growth.)

Being effective and consistent in meditation is far more valuable than effective and consistent blogging.  While meditation may not directly get you money (one of the uses for blogging), it will give you a great thinking foundation from where you can rule your empire.

What are your meditation practices?  Do you do it every day?  Do you skip days?  Do you do it at the same time every day?