Meditation is as easy as breathing

On October 21, 2013, in Meditation, by Emily

How many times have you heard that something is as easy as riding a bike, breathing, walking, blowing, or one of a hundred other things that are supposedly easy?  Yeah.  So have I.  You know what that does to the person who’s not able to do it?  It makes them feel really small and pretty stupid.  While one can say that breathing is a major part of meditation, there’s a lot more to doing meditation well and attaining high states.  It’s like saying that playing clarinet is as simple as blowing or that winning the Tour de France is as simple as riding a bike.

Those monks didn’t get their superpowers by just breathing.  They got them through honing their concentration, learning how to let things go and a ton of other factors that I probably can’t even begin to fathom.  Meditation doesn’t look like hard work, but it does require skill in being able to control the mind and dedication to the practice.

The statement that meditation is as easy as letting go is as inane as the statement you become a millionaire by spending less and making more.  While the two statements are essentially true, one wonders why there’s not more meditation masters or millionaires.

Meditation is as easy as meditation

Some days, I can almost hear the birds singing their sweet songs as I climb up the meditation hill.  The trees are rustling, and there are Disney’esque characters along the way telling me that I’m doing great.  Then everything fades away in a delightful moment and I can truly explore the inner depths of my mind. It’s wonderful because I feel that I’m getting something out of the exercise.

Other days, it’s like fighting through a ton of NFL linemen only to gain an inch on the play.  The next three downs… well, not so good. My brain will get in the way of having reasonable thoughts, and I’m left figuring out what the heck happened or whether there’s something that I missed along the way.  I’ve been told that it’s a sign of growth – I just find it to be annoying.

Some days, meditation is as easy as breathing.  Other days, meditation is about as easy as a nuclear war.

Until next time – Emily

By the way, for those who want to thank me for putting the Duran Duran song in their head, here you go.