I don’t read, but I’m learning. I am simple, preferring to exercise a minimalism of thought, rather than a minimalism of possessions. I have very few friends. I have very few activities in my daily life. Up until now, I was running two sites, and that was becoming too much because my attention was divided. Not to say that it wasn’t something simple to give you three motivational quotes a day for over 2 months, but I have more dedication to you than that.

You deserve my complete attention. I need simplicity, and it’s much easier to keep track of one site than it is two. It’s much easier to wrap my brain around one thing. Call me a simpleton if you will, I don’t mind. I know where my attention lies, and that is to a devotion to breaking your cycles. I felt that resuming the quotes over here would provide you with more insight and more motivation.

Several changes to this site are forthcoming. You might have seen some already, with the changing of the categories and some of the content. There’s going to be a few surprises, and a few challenges going on within my life, and I’m looking forward to rolling with them. Adding quotational insight is just another thing that I’m adding to the mix. You’ll be seeing entries popping up under the category ‘Motivational Quotes.’ I welcome your insight and your perspective on these, so we can perhaps get a dialogue going – how ARE we going to break the cycles?

Inspire Yourself
–EJ Hunter

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