Monk Meditation Superpowers Part II

On October 14, 2013, in Meditation, by Emily

Credit: Karla_K

I am unabashed in my admiration for Buddhist monks. These are dudes (and some chicks in a few traditions) who have taken on a whole lot of responsibility. They have decided that they’re going to be champions for the ending of suffering. And, they’re going to do that through the most noble of methods: teaching others how to do it. This is some serious stuff, and I’m totally of the belief that monks should receive some amazing superpowers as a result.

I’m not talking run of the mill superpowers like being able to curl their tongue up into a ‘U’ shape. I’m talking amazing superpowers like being able to boil water with their eyes, spread light in the darkness with their hands, make grass grow in their wake, and the ability to summon spirits and helpers (not in that overdramatic Sorcerer’s Apprentice style – I’m thinking maybe Beauty and the Beast). They should have all of the powers of the Matrix available at their disposal as the payment for teaching.

Superpowers for all of them! All they have to do is keep up their meditation card for a year or three, and they’ll gain badges and levels in the super secret monk society. We could totally make it like some of the fantastical upgrade systems like you’ll see in RPGs. Sure, sure, the monks themselves would be absolutely modest about the whole thing, that’s what they do, but on the inside that smile would come out of knowing that they’re a badass.
If you took all of the meditation powers in the world and combined them, what great works do you think would be accomplished?