A Personal Victory

On June 20, 2012, in Random Awesomeness, by Emily

Quitting my conventional job was the largest step I took toward my personal freedom and fighting the establishment. I stopped being in the realm of nay saying zombies (horsie zombies!) and in my own place where I held the reins and made my own decisions. My goal when I left was to take charge of my life and eventually make what I was making in that conventional job (and put myself in a position to surpass!).

Well, it’s been a little bit over 2 years and there’s been a lot of bumping and grinding along the way. I’ve tapped out all of my resources, I’ve battled depression and my family, I’ve lost sight of those dreams and regained them, and I am finally able to say that I have taken a HUGE step toward reaching my monetary goal. Today, I accepted a salaried position working for a publishing company.

Get this:

  • I am working from home
  • I work the hours when I want
  • I get to network and meet cool people
  • I have a boss who supports me
  • Better yet, I have a mentor
  • The job offers unlimited opportunities
  • I sleep when I want to
  • My ideas are accepted

When I was figuring out how I would fight my way into becoming awesome, I knew that money would have to be a factor. While I wanted to be a dreamer, I knew that the internet marketer promises of ‘work at home, become a millionaire’ were a boatload of rubbish. I experimented with all sorts of writing, and found that I was best writing slightly edgy articles about fighting zombies and generally getting your shit together.

I’m a writer. I am writing something every single day – whether it gets published here or not. Sometimes, I’m writing for money, sometimes not, but even my thoughts are geared toward putting words onto the page. It’s just my thing. There’s other folks out there who are natural born painters, singers, accountants, Wal-Mart greeters, and more. There’s even some who fake it and have no idea where their natural talent lies.

You’ve got your personal zombies to fight. They might be depression, laziness, fear, self deprecation, or even flying. In the acknowledgement of those zombies, you might feel that they’re too big, bad, or angry to fight head on, or you’re afraid of the sacrifices that you have to make in order to defeat them. That’s understandable. I know that they’re defeatable, and I want to help you chop their heads off.

There’s no reason not to fight, and there’s no reason not to win. The world’s not against you, and the only thing that you might feel that you have on your side is your brains and a little bit of courage. That’s enough – the rest will come later.

So, when you ask yourself in the morning what you’re going to do today, why not fight zombies?

Photo courtesy of Eric Ingrum on Flickr and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.