Internal distractions are caused by a lack of discipline and motivation. This demotivation is a result of apathy, chemical imbalance, lack of clear purpose, higher priorities or a combination of factors. You can overcome apathy by following a few techniques.

Apathy results when the motivating factors for getting the job are removed or are no longer important. Sure, you’re getting paid and the benefits are there, but you want more than that. You want support and satisfaction and probably feel that if the powers that be don’t care, then you shouldn’t either.

This is something that happens to everyone. You need to search for alternate rewards and passions or find another place which gives you those rewards.

Cross Training

Discover what other people at your workplace do. Learn what their needs are and ask them what they care about. Life may be all about the numbers in business, but different departments have different numbers. You are making yourself more valuable and taking your inherent intelligence and applying it.

Do Research

Research your job to implement more effective policies and procedures. The curiosity and passion that you once had for the job can take over once more, removing that apathy. What you are looking for is more efficient ways to do your job so that you don’t have to spend as much time on it.

Talk to People

Have discussions with your coworkers about what motivates them at their workplace. We’re all in the job for different reasons, not all of them having to do with money. Looking to the other coworkers might also rekindle the spark and passion that you have within yourself.

Combating apathy in the workplace is done by immersive measures. Delve into the different arenas while still doing the job that bores you might lead you to discover what interests you. When you have more interest in the position that you’re doing, others gain more interest in you.

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