At work, there are constant distractions which prevent us from getting our own work completed. We allow ourselves to become distracted with phone calls and customer interruptions. It is our mindset and our attitude which lays the foundation for how these items affect us. If your head is in the game, you can easily overcome any distractions and be the best you can be. If not, you find yourself on the verge of defeat.

Having your head in the game is not as easy as it may at first appear. you may have cultivated apathy toward your employment. You might have higher priorities that prevent you from focusing on the here and now. You might not have been given clearly defined goals. The primary demotivating factor for people in the workplace is chemical imbalance.

No, I’m not saying that we’re all committably crazy. Nor am I claiming that we all have ADD or ADHD, dyslexia, depression or obessive compulsive disorders. While chemically related complexes and disorders play a part in motivation levels, I am talking about something more universal.


Our bodies are in a constant state of flux. Cells are dying and regenerating, sugar levels are rising and dropping and proteins are being assimilated. When you eat, you are giving yourself the necessary chemicals and energy that you need to survive. When you’ve got the prime levels of all of these chemicals, you are filled with energy and have motivation.

You’ve felt that distinct drop in energy that happens an hour or two after eating? Your lunch is being processed into nutrients and vitamins and works overtime to get it taken care of. chances are, you’ve eaten too much. To counteract that huge hit, eat smaller meals and scatter them throughout the day. Instead of being hit all at once with the nutrients, they’re released slowly into your bloodstream.

Lack of motivation caused by food imbalance is the easiest demotivator that you can fix. By eating something, you’re giving your body that boost of energy that you need to get things done. When you get things done you feel better and can get even MORE things done. Pretty soon, you’ll be achieving your wildest dreams.

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