Do you believe that you would get more work done if you didn’t have daily life distracting you? All of us have that feeling at one time or another, some of us are distracted on a daily basis. With a distraction free workplace, you can do more stuff and feel satisfied at the end of the day. Here are some techniques which will help you get the work done.

Clear Your Desk

There are a zillion things trying to get your attention, many of which are in your physical workspace. There are reports to write, memos to edit and coworkers to question. Choose one thing and put the rest of it in a drawer for later.

Close Your Door, Add a Window

You might get distracted by phone calls, emails, videos and in person interruptions. This is normal. You want to give people the impression that you have an open door policy, so make it well known that you have set aside a time to deal with others. Make it the same time every day so that others become acclimated.

Send Calls to Voice Mail

If phone calls are driving you crazy, send all of your calls to voice mail and turn the ringer off. Check your voice mail at least once every couple of hours and act on it only if it is an emergency. Otherwise, schedule it within your ‘other people’ window and take care of the more pressing tasks on your list.

Create a To Do List

This serves two purposes. Not only does it give you an outline of what to do during the day. You might shut down because you have too many choices, so a to do list would be perfect for you. You know exactly what needs to be done next, so you don’t have to think about it until you are there.

Add Some Music

Music has a calming effect on the brain. You can focus on the task at hand when there is soothing music in the background. Essentially, you are giving your right brain (subconscious brain) something to focus on while your cognitive side is doing the work. Choose classical or new age, something without words that is not distracting. Words are handled by the left side, the music itself is taken care of by the right.

A workplace without distractions makes for a dream job. you can increase your personal productivity and pave the way for future success.