I have at least three selves. No, I do not have multiple personality disorder. I believe that every single person has at least three selves. I call mine ‘basic me,’ ‘cable me,’ and ‘pay per view’ me. Each one of them has different characteristics which are based upon the mindfulness and the ‘on’ness that I have at any given point in time.

The ‘basic’ me.

The basic me is the lowest common denominator me. This part is made of all the habits to which I return after I’ve done something radical like go on a reduced calorie diet. This part is the one which like wallowing in the comfort of eating a huge bowl of nachos and following it up with a 2 liter bottle of soda. This person is the one who craves going driving despite the gas cost, laughs at asinine jokes, is slightly socially awkward, has absolutely no idea how to really close a conversation, has trouble understanding the tolerance in the world, is appeased by playing tower defense and match 3 games.

I am this person most of the time, actually. Some might call it the lizard brain taking over, but I consider it more to be that I’m there – just not necessarily ‘on.’ There will be a somewhat lowered chance that I will remember an event because it washes through me like water.

The ‘cable’ me

I am on, and aware of the events happening around me. I am thinking consciously and somewhat mindfully. When I am in this state, time doesn’t seem to go by so quickly, and I feel at comfort and at peace with the world. The cable me is the one who tries to do everything right. This person is the one who will evaluate most of the food choices and pick the healthiest one. It is the somewhat mindful self, so it is also a bit mroe active, too. Yes, she comes out, though not as often as I would enjoy.

When the stars align correctly, and the stress level is lower, and many other factors contribute to this state. After leaving my job, I find that I am entering this state a lot more. I also find that most people are listening to what I hae to say.

The ‘pay per view’ me

Time slows down. I have superpowers of being aware of absolutely everything going on, to the point where I feel like I can read other people’s thoughts. I suddenly have social skills, and I can figure out closing responses with a higher percentage than normal. This is one of those golden states, where the attention span is longer, and the other parts of my personality are blending together to become something which feels higher.

A rare occurrence, most of the luck I have with this state is while I am driving and doing things where I cannot write down the ideas that I am suddenly generating. Manages to do the right thing, regardless of the circumstances.

I talk about these states, because I think that everyone has something similar within them. This concept also goes to the idea that most people don’t pay attention, but are hyperacute at other times. We make a lot of contradictory decisions, but we keep pushing forward.

What states of being do you have? What is your lowest common denominator? Comment or email me at justyammer@gmail.com.