You know what? Julien Smith is absolutely right. You’re the judge to your own awesomeness. There should be a religion based around being awesome. Being that awesome folks are usually anarchistic, there’s no leader to the awesome cult, just creative folks who do what needs to be done, who volunteer, who make things happen. So, here’s some steps to becoming awesome.

Analyze Everything for a Day

Take a whole day and analyze everything. Put it up to the awesome scale that you’ve got in your head. If you find that what you’re doing is awesome, leave it and don’t write a damned thing down. If you’re looking at it and saying, ‘this isn’t awesome!’ start making a list. Nope, don’t need to write down all of the awesome things because you know what they are now. The stuff that is NOT awesome… you get to figure out what changes.

Hopefully, you don’t have anything on your ‘not awesome’ list. Hopefully everything in your world is absolutely perfect, and you’re in the exact physical, emotional, and spiritual position that you’ve been itching for. Seriously? That’s totally awesome if you are. If you’re looking at the mental checklist of ‘stuff I do’ and shaking your head… then it’s time to get to work. Yup, there’s always a process of perfecting yourself

Decide to replace ‘not awesome’ with ‘awesome

So, this is seriously important. If you’re looking at your eating habits and saying that they’re not awesome, you have to make the decision on whether to make them awesome. You might be well aware that the fried food probably isn’t good for you and that you’re gaining weight faster than you’d like… but if you don’t want to do anything about it, then there’s no point on angsting about the fact that it’s not awesome.

Yeah, the bitch here is that you’ve got to decide that you want to make it work for you. It’s not like you’re at a lack of any information coming in. You’re assaulted with stuff every single day about how to make your eating habits more awesome. You’re also assaulted with reasons to stop smoking. You’re told the reasons that you should get another job, and so on. If you’re daydreaming and not actually doing a damned thing… it’s really doing no good. Seriously, if you’re setting goals without the will to follow through, then you might as well be wallowing in your non-awesomeness.

If, on the other hand, you’ve made the decision to replace the non-awesome parts of you with awesome stuff… you’re well on the way to becoming your own personal level of awesome. There’s some stuff that’s physically impossible… but most stuff you can make absolutely awesome for your world with some effort and luck. YOU have to make that decision, though, cuz if you’re doing it for other folks, it’s not going to last for very long.

Make plans to be awesome

You’ve got this list of not awesome things. You’re probably looking at it and growling because you’ve been picking yourself apart for a whole day and analyzing whether something’s awesome or not awesome. If you’re thinking that you’re not hanging out with awesome folks and that your boss is being a pain in the ass… make some plans to ditch him or her. If you’re thinking about stopping smoking, make some plans to ditch it. If you’re looking at the stuff that’s scattered on your floor, it’s time to clean.

Yeah, making those plans doesn’t change anything, but it keeps you from sitting there and wondering what the hell is next. If you’re spending time going ‘what’s next?’ then you’re not actually doing something. This is one of the reasons that to-do lists are so damned popular. It gives a basis for where we can start working on things. There’s some folks out there who don’t need this step. They just have the list of things… and then go for it. Me? I’m not able to multitask for crap, but I’m able to do lots of successive things.

Point being, if you take a few minutes to make a plan to pursue the things that would make you awesome, you’ll spend less time circling around and attempting to figure out what the hell is going on.

Do it.

You’ve made these eedy beedy little steps that you’re going to take toward being awesome. Now is the time to do them. So, if you think that it would be awesome to go from the couch to 5k, then start with your plan for getting there. Do it. What you’re going to find is that it doesn’t take that long at all to get your stuff together.

When you’re absolutely focused on getting something done and working on getting your personal awesomeness card… it really doesn’t take long at all. Sure, you’re putting in eleven minutes here or there, but whining about it and avoiding things takes up more time than just doing it. You’re an awesome individual, and you’ve gotta take the time to acquire the crown.

Besides, when you’re asked, ‘hey, what did you do today?’ it feels quite awesome to go .. ‘well, there was this, and there was this… and then I had this, but I didn’t do this in favor of that…’ and so on from there. Personally, having no answer to that makes me feel not awesome.

So, these are the four easy steps to being awesome. There’s no magical secret formula, you just be awesome and get it done. And you know what? As you become more awesome, the realm of awesome grows.

  • I’d add : Never fear shadows, they simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby!

    • sapphicat

      Thank you for your comment, and you’re right. Pushing toward the light is all that keeps me going some days. Every day, so many minutes pushing toward that beautiful light.