The Master List

On August 16, 2010, in Goal Setting, Planning, by Emily

Last time I was talking about to-do lists, I mentioned the master to-do list. This master list contains all of the answers to ‘what do I do now?’ where the daily to do list has only the top five relevant answers. The master list is created over time, drawn from the goals that you have.

To those who really like simplification, this method seems a bit counter-intuitive. Have TWO lists when you could have just one?

The lists themselves serve two different purposes. The daily to-do list is perfect for the single shot scaffolding. If you complete the five things on your list, you have a successful day. The large list is the ultimate source of the smaller one.

Creation of the master list can be done as elaborately or as simply as you choose. There are so many ways to get to the great list, including brainstorming, mind maps and diagram drawing. Leave it up to chance and roll a couple of dice.

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