To-Do Lists are Lazy

On August 13, 2010, in Goal Setting, Planning, by Emily

Having a to-do list is a lazy way of keeping track of what’s next. Lacking in something to do? Lacking in direction? Make a to-do list. This is your list of answers. Here are some guidelines for your personal to-do list.

Zombie To Do List Keep your list short

When I made my goal list and subsequent to-do list, I made it too long. I had twenty things that I wanted to do. This overwhelmed me with choices so I dropped the practice. Make a list of three things.

Make your list have impact
You have choices. This small list is cultivated from the master list. Pick the thing that will have the most impact in your life right NOW.

You might have your goals separated into money, relationship and cooking. When you finish the ‘money’ thing, go to the ‘relationship’ one and then ‘cooking.’ All three of them are done? Start over.

Pick low hanging fruit
Pick the easiest thing that you can do from each category. For me, it would be, ‘Call mate. Input spending to spreadsheet. Read the latest Zenhabits post’.

Add to the ‘master’ to-do list frequently
The master to-do list is where you keep the twenty steps for self sufficiency, cooking with leeks or pleasing your mate. This is the storehouse of your personal to-do lists. It can be kept online or on a giant sheet of paper.

Be as lazy as possible. To do lists make life easier because they provide structure. I know that when I am lost, I want someone to say, ‘do this now.’ The to-do list is the road map to achieving your dreams.

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