Water as motivation

On August 25, 2010, in Motivation, by Emily

Water DropletsThere are a number of factors that affect motivation. I’ve talked about food, but not water as it relates to motivation. Hunger and thirst are part of the hierarchy of needs and must be addressed.

I guzzle ice water when I’m working. There is a 32 ounce cup beside me which gets refilled each time I get up. I’m drinking at least four or five cups a day, sometimes more. When I have enough water, I feel better compared to when I don’t. It generally takes a few days to get back up to prime working order after imposing a personal drought. When I’m drinking water, I feel more motivated.

The health and diet community will tell us to drink a lot of water and inform us that it’s for our own good. Very little advice is heard, though, because it’s part of the tableaux. You know what I’m talking about: drink water, exercise daily, take walks, eat more fruit, blahblahblah. I don’t care about this advice most of the time because its ubiquitous. I listen to myself, though.

I feel better when I drink water.
I am more motivated when I feel better.

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