What are you doing right NOW?

I’ve talked about proper goal setting techniques. I’ve yammered about to-do lists. I’ve tried the game, but it’s all crap for me. I don’t think in terms of formalities and committing to goals. I don’t think about the next thing to do on a list. I just DO stuff. I DO stuff gets me closer to the vague goals that I’ve outlined. When I find myself idling, I ask, ‘What are you doing right NOW?’ I try to find some activity that relates to the goal and devote eleven minutes to it.

There are two things working here. I exercise mental minimalism with my goals. I strive to keep moving.

Mental minimalism. I have very few social commitments and obligations. I have plenty of acquaintances, but I have very few friends. I do not tie myself to a schedule. I function as much ‘in the now’ as possible, while keeping an eye on the future. If I have to write it down to remember it, then it’s too much. I have only a few goals so I can easily rotate between them.

These goals are intentionally vague.
Lose weight / become fit
Make enough money
Help people

I strive to keep moving toward my goals. These goals, according to traditional belief, are merely wishes because there’s no quantitative aspect or time aspect associated with them. Maybe they’re not proper goals. Maybe they’re simply aspirations, but what they’re called is not important to me. Every day, I take a step toward all three with the full realization that I will never completely ‘achieve’ the end result. It’s about the journey, anyway.

My decisions get separated into two hemispheres.

Stuff I can do NOW

Stuff I can’t/won’t do NOW

Yes, there’s a future. Yes, I am aware that a future exists. Thing is, is that the stuff that I do NOW will affect the circumstances in the future. The landscape will more than likely have changed between this NOW and the future NOW. So, I pay attention to this NOW, and finish it before the next question arises. Everything that I’m not doing right NOW gets put into the ‘stuff I can’t/won’t do NOW’ category – and therefore not contemplated to any serious extent.

So, in each instance, I am doing the thing which will get me the furthest toward the goal. Right NOW, it’s completing this blog post. In a few minutes, it will be eating some dinner. After that, I’m not sure. It might be punching a punching bag. It might be pimping this blog post. It might be anything, but it’s none of my concern because I’m doing this right NOW.

All of the cool things can be achieved by incremental steps. Reality is made of a series of NOWs. What’s your NOW?