You Can Do BETTER Than That

On July 12, 2011, in Articles of Awesomeness, by Emily

As a result of my declaration to read more, I have been following through with reading more blogs (comment below if there’s a blog that you think that I’d enjoy). Not only have I been reading some of the content on my blogroll, but I have supplemented it with topics like blogging, Online Marketing, Traffic Generation, Motivation, and Minimalism. In the process of gearing up my own blog, I’ve made some new friends, too. I had forgotten about the power of the internet, and the fact that you can make your world as interactive as you like. The people who run the sites above this are doing it right, but there are a lot of people whom I know can do better.

I cringe when I see only corporate spinning happening within a site. Even though it may be awesome when it comes to inspiration and passion (there is a lot of information here), I get extremely turned off by the format of the site because it screams to me that there is a sales pitch somewhere in the works. Other sites are overwhelming with their ‘me me me me me’ approach. I know that there are individuals behind these sites, and I know that they can do better.

Long form sales letters make me throw things. When I see a site which is strictly a long form sales letter, I want to get out a nerf bat and wield it mercilessly. I am not entirely sure whether the nerf bat would do this person any justice, because they are using hard sell tactics that are specifically designed to drive people nuts. In other words, every last bit of it is created to make people curious about the product and see whether it really IS all that and a bag of chips. I understand that your WHOLE motivation is about getting the sale and the money, but you can do better than that.

In going through the reading, I have also found many spun articles. I have a lot of problems with spun content, because I realize that it’s ultimately about getting *real* eyes on the articles. If they don’t make sense, then there’s no money to be had. You might be after the page views on Bukisa, but you can do better than that.

If I were producing this type of content, I would not feel good about myself. Becoming awesome is about writing something, producing something, creating something that is your best. There are some articles on this site, here at Eleven Minute Awesome which do not live up to my expectations, and I am working very hard to change that around. I am trying not to be bound by my personal laws of perfection, but I also realize that there are places where I can do better. When you are striving to be a cycle breaking superhero like Xima, you have to do your best.

You can do better than that. Pour your best effort into the pot, and you will receive the best results. I want to know what makes up the parts of YOU, rather than this boiled over tripe that’s resting on the plate. I want you to take it to YOUR next level, because that is where becoming awesome comes in. That is how I have broken cycles, because I realize that there is indeed a better way to make money, to make social connections, and ultimately to live. If you are doing your best, other people can tell, and you will be respected. Raise your PERSONAL bar, and make it fun for yourself.

If you disagree, send me an email to ehunterrpi @, write me a comment and tell me that I’m wrong. Twitter me at @thepenbin. Curse at me, cry at me, make me think. Critique me, and call me to task. Tell me that I can do better than this, and make me read about it.

P.S. I originally had links to sample sites, but I decided that calling those individuals out of the blue would be mean spirited and rude – I understand that site owners can have any junk that they wish on their sites, and that it is up to the readers of said sites to read the junk that is placed upon them. I believe that there is more money to be had in providing awesome and readable content. In the end, it is the *reader* who places the money in the hands of the site’s owner.